Weight Management

Shapeworks was designed by a team of medical experts; including doctors, scientists, and nutritionists. The resulting diet plan is one that is both safe and effective. Here’s the herbalife diet information:

You take specially formulated supplements three times a day. These supplements are designed to improve the way your body absorbs nutrients – through a process called cellular nutrition.

Twice a day you enjoy a personalized protein shake – designed by herbalife diet experts to meet your individual protein needs. These shakes are designed to taste great while also keeping you satisfied.

Lastly, you enjoy one healthy meal with a heavy emphasis on fruits and vegetables. The meal also includes more protein in the form of chicken or fish, which helps your body continue to burn fat.

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  1. Indri says:

    Here if you want a good diet that you WILL actually lose wait try eanitg just plain old meat, fruits,and vegetables(except ones that are grown under ground considering they are starchy). Wheat is not good for you so try to stay away from bread,try to have at least one glass of milk a day and maybe a yogurt to. Don’t be afriad of protein and meat because they have high fat levels fat is what keeps you full so you don’t eat as much as you usually do. Just make sure you eat until you just reach full don’t get overly full. For beverages try sticking to water and if you cant live without pop make it diet but water is the most important try to drink plenty of it. TRUST ME THIS DIET WILL WORK! Was this answer helpful?

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